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Regions 1 & 2 : Eastern WA

Regions3 & 4: Puget Sound and North WA

Regions 5 & 6: South of Sound and coast areas

Foster parent classes are free. Students must be 16 years and older.


Attention: Important Notice

Attention: Important Notice

It has come to our attention that a person by the name of Scott Peabody appeares to be using  material that is very outdated (as much as 18+ years old) and using cards that he has made appear similar  to our company cards  as well as stating he is Keep the Beat CPR & First Aid Training. This person, his staff and family is in no way associated with this company and never have been. This company is owned by Tamara E Fairley and has been since 1991. Ms. Fairley has never given this person permission to use the name or materials of this company. Several reports have been made that the cards and books he issues appear almost identical to those developed and used solely by this company. This persons’ teaching credentials; if any, are unknown to this company. This person is NOT authorized to use any of our organizations material or authorized to teach any of our clients. This person is located in Southwest WA state. If approached by anyone saying they are a representative of this company in order to solicit your business, please confirm with the owner, Tamara Fairley. We are the ONLY licensed company in the state of WA with this name. Any cards issued by someone other then our approved instructors will not be honored or valid. We strive to use only top quality instructors who have been monitored and proven their teaching skills……when in doubt…..check it out. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note: Our company does not offer online courses

AHA allows online classes; however at this time our company requires physical attendance in class with evaluation by a certified instructor. Thank you for your understanding.

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CPR & First Aid can mean life or death!


Do you know what to do when a loved one, co-worker, or friend needs help? What do you do if you see a car accident, a burn, a severe cut, shock?



CPR is a life saving skill that everyone should know. King County has the best reputation in the world. We are known as “The best place in the world to have a heart attack”. That’s because more citizens know what to do when the emergency arises.

Increasing the chance of survival means starting CPR right away.

Isn’t it time you and your staff learn these valuable skills?